A Team of Technical Experts Ensuring a Reliable Stake Pool

Our job is to make it easy for you to get a solid return on stake, whilst knowing you are safely securing the Cardano ecosystem.

A team of Ninjas operating a reliable pool, Consistent return on stake

– Great Technical Experience

– Full time management

– Ticker: NINJA

– Pool Margin: 3.9%

– Fee: 340 ADA

A pool margin of only 3.9 percent, 96.1% of rewards go to our delegators! This 3.9% also ensures the reliability of the stake pool, used for maintaining the pool’s status.

Our team consists of one system administrator with 22 years experience and qualifications including a Masters in IT (Systems administration). We contract an AWS certified server management consultancy.

Ticker: NINJA

Trust us to consistently earn you rewards!

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